Not from here, nor from there.

I’m not from the US - where I live; and more recently not entirely from Venezuela - where I was born and grew up. For over twenty years I’ve been teetering between two cultures, two languages, two places. Art-making allows me to create a separate one where I do not need to mediate, or reconcile distinct identities; a place in which I can conceptualize and affirm my own space where I fully belong. My latest work challenges that binary experience while creating a new, personal sense of place.

My paintings consist of alternating translucent, and opaque geometric forms overlapping landscapes of my homeland. These compositions function as materializations of chaotic visual and social realities, concealing, and other times, revealing contradictions deeply embedded within my South American identity. In confronting intimate realities of chaos and conflict color plays a critical role. Red presupposes revolution, which Venezuela has been hostage to for the past two decades. Also, green's poisonous reputation nods to annihilation, but also indicates potential for fecundity. My work addresses contradictions, such as the conflict of political and social realities by conceptualizing the physiognomy of the landscape in an attempt at constructing an identity of profound paradox, and ambivalence.